• Looking At The Sky.

    Watching planes leave trails that form clouds.

    (I do not live by an airport.)

  • Abuse Is Never Historic.

    BCUK has been my blogging home for 10 years.

    I began a personal diary that has become more a critique of our society.
    #DanielMorgan murder, phone hacking, corruption and VIP paedophiles the main themes.
    I hoped to fan the flames and publicise what #MediaLies wont.

    Many people have shared, informed and supported me and I thank you all.

    I have been slandered and also had false allegations made against me.
    This blog and others, hacked and trolled.
    My online communications intercepted and recorded.

    By clandestine government agencies ? No. By two individuals.
    One who was arrested for possession of child rape images - but no charges bought.
    Another who sits on a current #ChildAbuse inquiry.

    #Abusive friends doing what they do best - #Abuse ?
    Or something more sinister ? #Leaks #Sabotage

    Early warning system ?

    Who is watching the watchers ?

  • In This Country...

    You can be taken to court and found guilty without your knowledge or presence.

    Secret courts can impose travel and other restrictions that last decades.
    Destroying families, careers and lives.

    These secret courts allow no challenge, no dissent, no criticism through 'gagging' orders.
    Gagging orders that WILL lead to a prison sentence if broken.

    In a democratic and fair society this could never happen.
    In this country it does.

  • Lunch With Both My Daughters.

    My stolen child.

    After 18 years, I was finally reunited with my youngest daughter.

    We met in a Shropshire pub for lunch and it was lovely.

    Can one rebuild a relationship after so many years ?

    I so hope so.

    My thanks to Jamie, Leona and Caz for supporting both of us.

  • Jehovah Witnesses Destroyed Evidence Of Abuse In Australia.

    A public hearing into child sex abuse in the Jehovah's Witnesses has begun in Sydney.

    Jehovah's Witnesses destroyed notes about child sexual abuse to stop them falling into the wrong hands and to "protect their wives", a church elder has told a national hearing in Sydney.

    The opening day of a royal commission hearing into abuse within the church has heard how 1006 allegations of child abuse since 1950 were dealt with internally and never reported to police.

    It has also heard that victims were made to confront their abusers and left feeling as if they had sinned.

    Max Horley was an elder for the Jehovah's Witness congregation in Narrogin, Western Australia, in the late 1980s when a woman, known as BCB, was interviewed about her relationship with another church elder, Bill Neill.

    On Monday, BCB, 47, told how Neill, who is dead, groomed her from the age of 15. She said he would molest her and spy on her when she was in the shower.

    She was friendly with Neill's daughter and spent a lot of time at their house, where "uncle Bill" would tongue kiss her.

    When the abuse was revealed, BCB was asked to attend meetings with two elders and Neill, who joked about what he had done.

    At meetings BCB said she felt guilty and found it hard to detail the abuse.

    Neill denied any intentional misconduct.

    Mr Horley said Neill was later stood down as an elder because the allegations cast a shadow over his qualifications to teach the word of God.

    Mr Horley, an elder in the church for more than 30 years, said notes about sexual abuse allegations were not kept in case they fell into the wrong hands.

    "We do not want our wives knowing our stuff - what sort of things we are dealing with," Mr Horley said.

    He also said they destroyed notes because they wanted to limit the number of people in the congregation who knew about the abuse.

    Mr Horley also said he did not realise at the time the abuse was a criminal matter, and it was not the church's practice to report allegations of sexual abuse to police.

    The elders would go for advice to the Branch - the body that oversees congregations in Australia - if they had any hesitation about how to proceed "legally and scripturally".

    In an opening statement, counsel advising the commission, Angus Stewart, SC, said the organisation, which has 68,000 members in Australia, had dealt with all allegations internally.

    He said the church was preoccupied with sin and sinning.

    Jehovah's Witnesses believe the Bible is the inspired word of God and interpret it literally.

    He said that documents would be tendered, which showed the elders considered the spirituality and seductiveness of the complainant in determining the allegations against Bill Neill.

  • Melanie Shaw Arrested And Intimidated - Again.

    Chris Eyre Chief Constable Nottingham Police Mel Shaw

    Beechwood Child Abuse Survivor Melanie Shaw Arrested Again


    | Wednesday, 22nd July 2015

    The intimidation recently led to Melanie leaving her house in Nottingham and travelling to Plymouth where she hoped to find refuge from the harassing actions of Nottingham police.

    UKColumn was informed by child abuse survivor Mickey Summers early this evening that Melanie Shaw was arrested today 22 July 2015 at about 1745, in a public place in Nottingham. It is alleged that the arrest of Melanie was in connection with a charge of harassment concerning Nottingham Police Superintendent Helen Chamberlain, police Head of Public Protection, including Child Abuse.

    It is understood that Superintendent Chamberlain was originally allocated as Melanie Shaw's police point of contact following Melanie's whistleblowing on abuse of children at Beechwood children's home Nottingham, and during the subsequent police investigation under Operation Day Break.

    The charge appears highly questionable when Melanie, who suffers PTSD following her abuse and has required mental health support over many years, has consistently reported over many months a catalogue of harassment and victimisation by Nottingham police officers, including officers smashing into her house, following her, detaining her and making telephone calls to her suggesting that they were sat in her house whilst she was out shopping.

    The intimidation recently led to Melanie leaving her house in Nottingham and travelling to Plymouth where she hoped to find refuge from the frightening actions of Nottingham police. This was not to be the case however, as four Devon and Cornwall Police Officers were aggressively banging on the door of the UKColumn offices at 0730 in the morning, the day after her arrival in Plymouth. Desperate to know Melanie's location, and following aggressive questioning of two members of the UKColumn staff, they ultimately left empty handed.

    Just a few days later Melanie Shaw was arrested by two DCC constables and taken to Charles Cross Police Station Plymouth for questioning. It is understood this action was also in connection with a charge of harassment against Melanie, but she was subsequently released to report to the same police station in September later this year.

    Following a move to new friends in Peterborough, a further four police from Cambridgeshire police were sent to apprehend Melanie at her new home with an elderly lady in sheltered accomodation. Arriving some hours after Melanie had again moved to yet another location, these officers also left empty handed, but were also intimidating in their questioning of the elderly lady.

    Many people will be astonished at the immense police effort to track a highly vulnerable child abuse victim across UK. What the wider public will not understand is that having blown the whistle on substantial child abuse in Beechwood children's home Nottingham, where it is already believed some 150 children were abused and some likely murdered, Melanie Shaw has now allegedly been designated a Multi Agency Public Protection MAPPA Category 3 target - a person who is designated a "seriously dangerous criminal."

    It is reported this designation was determined behind closed doors by the Nottinghamshire MAPPA multi agency board, during procedings in which Melanie Shaw, or her legal and medical professionals were not present and therefore had no right of challenge or reply. Following the MAPPA determination however, all police and public agencies in Nottingham and throughout UK can call upon considerable assets to assist her apprehension and / or arrest.

    This excessive and deeply worrying classification of a highly vulnerable child abuse victim as a 'dangerous criminal' must surely bring into question every part of our rights, freedoms and common sense under common law. For three police forces to employ excessive police assets to hunt and detain Melanie Shaw at a time when Senior Police Officers claim insufficient public money to conduct day by day policing is an outrage, if not Misconduct in Public Office.

    Tonight, abused and frightened Melanie Shaw is again in the hands of Nottingham police - the very men and women who have failed to protect Melanie, Mickey Summers and hundreds of other child abuse victims in Nottingham. Detained in the Bridewell Custody Suite the immediate future for Melanie is uncertain. Will she be safe in the hands of a police force that has already failed her, brutalised and intimidated her?

    The abuse of Melanie Shaw by the British State is obscene. Whilst she again suffers, the Home Secretary Theresa May has allocated some 17.5 million to a child abuse inquiry that can afford to pay 500,000 p.a. salaries to NZ Judge Goddard - to do what? Sit in a plush office sifting paper whilst the real child abuse victims receive little or nothing in terms of state support, metal health care in the community and financial support. Her inquiry has already been labelled the 'most transparent cover-up in British history', and will surely seek to bury the truth of political establishment child abuse in the long grass of passing years. Few if any victims speaking to the UKColumn trust her or her appointment. We share their immense suspicion and concern.

    We also watch as Lord Janner receives protective and beneficial treatment at the hands of Alison Saunders, the same Head of the Crown Prosecution Service that found unlimited time and effort to press criminal charges against Melanie Shaw.

    This perversion of justice is not accidental. This is the inverted victimisation of victims that comes with the application of a deep evil. That evil is now clearly deeply entrenched in a criminal paedophilic British political system. It is an evil that makes me ashamed to be British - that we, the public, have alowed this rot to infest the very people and organisations that govern us.

    I, for one, am not about to forget Melanie Shaw and the thousands of other child abuse victims and survivors. It is the duty of each and every good man and women to stand up for these most vulnerable of people, and it is our duty to bring the criminals abusing them, and covering-up that abuse, to justice. We must start not tomorrow, but now. The future of our own children depends on our actions from this very moment.

  • The Cocaine Chancellor And The Call Girl.

  • Childrens Autism Diagnostic Tests.

    3DI Ados Disco etc etc.

    3DI is the one to have.

    Early intervention is essential.

  • 60 Minutes - Britain's VIP Paedophiles.

  • Plymouth City Council Don't Like Being Questioned.

    A spokesperson for Plymouth City Council said: "We can confirm that Community Protection Notices (CPNs) were served on OPOB News Ltd, Daryl Kennard, Rachel Gibson, and Nicholas Muton, the new Director of OPOB News.

    "These CPNs were issued by Plymouth City Council on 4 June after a CPN warning letter was issued but ignored following ongoing complaints from members of the public, police and staff about the content of the OPOB website.

    "The CPNs asked to close down the OPOB website, and for them to stop producing, facilitating, publishing and encouraging postings of named individuals and bodies including photographs that are likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress onto any website controlled by OPOB.

    "In addition, the CPNs asked OPOB to remove any historic electronic posting, including photographs, from any social media website concerning any named individual from whom they have not had permission to produce, facilitate, publish or encourage any such postings."

    Dee Gibson said he followed the directions given to him, saying there was "no point battling against it."

    He insisted his wife Rachel was not involved in the running of the site, but while he was still a director he had sold the site on.

    He revealed that he and his wife were arrested by police around the time of the CPN on suspicion of malicious communication.

    He said: "We had eight police round and then down to the police station. Twelve hours later I walked out with a caution. Rachel was NFA's [no further action]."

    Dee believes the reason his news site was targeted was because of his repeated questions and reports about sexual abuse allegations purportedly involving a council employee which he felt "had not been properly investigated".

    He said he had "never been sued" and claimed his articles were "true".

    He revealed he was set to appeal against he CPN at Plymouth Magistrates Court on Friday.

    He added: "It's a bit of childishness from the council to be honest and if they don't like the truth I don't know what to say.

    Nicholas Muton contacted The Herald to state he was not and had never been a director of OPOB News, although he was aiming to buy it.

    Speaking from his home in Leicestershire he said: "I cannot understand why Plymouth City Council have wasted council taxpayers money in sending me a threatening letter when I don't even own this company."

    What is a Community Protection Order?

    According to Plymouth CityCouncil's website, a Community Protection Notice (CPN) which comes under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014, is: "intended to address the behaviour of persons aged 16 or over, businesses or organisations where a behaviour or activity is spoiling the community's quality of life.

    "The notice can direct any individual (over the age of 16), business or organisation responsible, to stop causing the behaviour and it could also require the person responsible to take reasonable steps to ensure that it does not occur again.

    "Before a CPN is issued/served the recipient must be warned that the behaviour or activity being carried out is not acceptable or must be stopped

    "A CPN can be issued if the authority is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the conduct of the individual, business or organisation:

    * is having a detrimental effect on the quality of life of those in the locality;

    * is persistent or continuing in nature; and

    * is unreasonable.

    "Authorities that can issue a Community Protections Notice are:

    * Council officers

    * Police officers

    * Police community support officers (PCSOs) if designated

    * Social landlords (if designated by the council).

    "The issuing of a CPN will be decided and monitored through the ASB escalation process.

    "If a person fails to comply with the terms of CPN, it is a criminal offence and can be subject to a fixed penalty notice of up to 100, or prosecution in a magistrates court."


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