• #CPS re #Janner

    The criminal prosecution service headed by alison saunders is a #Joke


    Put #Janner on trial.


  • Why Do We Put Up With The Lies Of Politicians ?

    Oh this general election thingy is making my blood boil.

    Politicians on all sides promising this and that and blah blah.
    Blaming each other and lying lying and more lying.

    The biggest lie - 'The #NHS is safe in our hands'.

    Watching the death and destruction in the middle east - that we caused.
    Watching news of more refugees drowning and dying to escape the shit we caused in Libya.

    More cuts to come from the tories and the labour party.
    The exact same amount that the bankers 'rewarded' themselves as bonuses last year.
    30 Billion pounds - #FFS

    The lie that labour caused the recession when it was the bankers that robbed us.
    Money laundering, drug running and other crimes ignored - #JailTheBankers

    Establishment figures facing no charges for their crimes against children #VIPaedophiles
    Immunity from the law for the rich and powerful.
    Welfare claimants sanctioned just for being poor creating more poverty and even suicide.

    We cannot even afford #Justice due to the cuts in #LegalAid.
    Politicians only care for themselves and the rich who bankroll their gilded lives.

    For ordinary people - ever increasing workloads and more debt.
    For much longer, too - with the raising of the retirement age.

    Should i mention the robbing of pensions of those who work in the public sector ?
    Should i mention the incredible wages of managers who cant manage ?
    Should i mention the failings of social (dis)services ?

    I will mention that i am fed up to the back teeth with liars and abusers.

    Welcome to the UK - a country run on bribery and corruption.

    Any 'Im alright,jack' individuals thinking of voting conservative ?
    Do me a favour and leave this site now.

    #VoteTUSC for real change.

  • Every Refugee That Drowns Is OUR Fault.

    When Gaddafi ruled Libya there was relative peace in the region.
    The oil rich nation had no refugee problem nor #ISIL #ISIS blah and the people were safe.

    Then in 2010, david cameron bloodied his hands in an illegal #RegimeChange war.

    The refugees are desperate people trying to escape the hell of existence the UK caused.
    Rape, Violence and Death - our governments 'gift' to their nation.

    The #UK caused the problems in Libya.

    Whenever the #Media report on the drownings, the deaths, the pain and the suffering remember -
    WE caused this.

    Send rescue boats and give them citizenship, safety and their lives back.
    It is the least we can do.


    Can we please just stop bombing other peoples countries !


  • Thank You, Pops.

    Last week I went visiting my dad for the first time this year.

    It is a 660 mile round trip and I loved the ride.
    Knackered me and my shoulders are still complaining but eh ?

    He is 80 next month and he managed to drink me under the table in his local pub on saturday.
    We walked the market and most of the city centre.

    His friends were out and the weather was stunning spring.

    Thank you for those few days, pops - I enjoyed the piss taking,the ride and your company.

    I may miss your birthday proper but I will return soon.

    Keep drinking, keep taking the mick, keep breathing - yahoo.

  • Petrol Prices.

    As we all know the price of petrol is creeping upwards again.

    The price of crude oil is still less than half it was before the crash.

    Big business ripping us off again.

    Why are we not revolting ?

  • Tories Publish Manifesto.

    The conservatives today published their election manifesto.

    Please be reminded #MyPrimeMinisterIsALiar and can not be trusted.



  • 0% Inflation

    For the second month in a row inflation stands at 0%.

    All the 'experts' are saying this is a good thing and nothing to worry about.

    I disagree.

    It means the economy is stagnant - on its knees - broken.

    Negative inflation, ie deflation, means exactly that.

    What does this mean for the average person ?

    More misery, more uncertainty and a housing crash plus another banking crisis during or just after summer.

    Capitalism is dead - welcome to its death throes.

  • HHGTTG And Whisky.

    Brr - cold all day.

    I have lit a fire, poured myself a small whisky (for medicinal purposes)
    and now watching Hitch Hikers Guide To The Galaxy on dvd.

    Positive thoughts - summer is coming - yahoo.

  • Welcome Lucas.

    Brr - the weather has turned cold boo.

    Saturday we visited family and old friends in shropshire.
    My thanks to everyone - it was lovely to see you all.
    Tinged with sadness as my daughters marriage is on the rocks.

    Sunday was spent babysitting one of the happiest babies i have ever met - such a joy.
    We also agreed to take in an old cat with mental health issues.
    A phone call informed me i have become an uncle again - at my age tut.

    A big hello and greetings to Lucas - the newest member of the family.

    Today is to be spent in the garden and building a big fire - yahoo.

  • Why No Arrests ?




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