• #Ukraine - The Coup Explained.

    There was no coup or revolution in the Ukraine. It was an invasion and it is still going on. Real surrender begins with psychological warfare. You have an opponent “on the run” when you get them to accept your narrative. The term, roughly translated as Revolution of Dignity, was cooked up at the Jamestown Foundation in Washington, well in advance of Victoria Nuland’s assumption of the throne as defacto “Queen of the Ukraine,” lording over her subjects, playing the role of “donut dollie.”

    The roots of the conflict in the Ukraine with thousands dead and the threat of, minimally, a wider regional conflict, is inexorably, extremist elements in the United States, faces and voices seen in the invasion of Afghanistan, of Iraq, the supporters of ISIS/Al Qaeda in Syria and the cheerleaders of the continued genocide against the Palestinian people.

    Half of any war is the war of words, words kill more, in the end, than any weapon. The current battle in the Ukraine, coup within coup, counter-coup or civil war, all words, got out of hand long ago. Over the past days, the “narrative” used by the West has failed, the Kiev “government” is no government, only warring factions, “toadies” of a broader and clearly quite international conspiracy.

    Let’s examine where it went wrong.

    In February 2014, ultra-nationalists including NATO security services, Polish special forces, Israeli commandos and extremist elements within Ukraine moved against the elected pro-Russian government. Enough documents have been released citing coup backed snipers killing dozens of protesters, US embassy officials planning false flag attacks, extremists downing a passenger airliner and NATO peddling falsified intelligence, to make it very clear that the “coup” is more of an invasion than anything else.

    The issue of “containing” or surrounding Russia has been at the heard of Western policy since the announcement of the Truman Doctrine in 1947. Expansionist moves by NATO are only a continuation of those policies. That they are visibly coordinated with “Islamist” wars in the Middle East and Africa is more than anecdotal.

    NATO simply moved into the Ukraine under the cover of a political upheaval, one NATO itself orchestrated and one backed by broad criminal elements, many of which are also involved in backing Al Qaeda and ISIS. Among these are think tanks, public relations agencies, financial institutions, oil and armaments interests, which by current definition can be referred to as “the usual suspects.”

    Documenting this last statement is relatively easy, tracing shiploads of specially modified trucks, some bought by Saudi Royals, armed in Israel, shipped by train through Jordan, funded by stolen Syrian antiquities, stolen oil, even entire factories stolen from Syria and trucked into Turkey, run there with profits shared by ISIS. This is what General Wesley Clark, former NATO commander was talking about when he cited NATOs role in creating ISIS, in a TV interview last week.

    What is the real situation on the ground? Is the conflict in the Ukraine an invasion or a coup? First we must consider international law. As the “takeover” never consolidated power, it must be considered, coup or invasion, an ongoing operation.

    The idea that a “coup” that fails to gain political control of but only one region of a nation and then holds an election, in that one region only, within one ethnic group, possibly a minority group, as the language using of Ukrainians has long been a subject of debate, is absurd.

    The idea that a junta in Kiev could hold an election there without participation in Eastern Ukraine, and claim to be a “republic” is not only a violation of the Geneva Convention, but third rate political spin as well.

    Widespread and large scale armed resistance by a substantial percentage of the population of the Ukraine now long subjected to indiscriminate attack by heavy artillery with thousands dead more than negates any claim of political legitimacy.

    It could and perhaps should be asserted that the Eastern regions are “loyalist” and are resisting an ongoing coup attempt. All is semantics. Then again, NATO’s discussions of arming the Kiev junta in order to aid a “coup” in consolidating power steps well over the line.

    Even such a suggestion by Nation constitutes a violation of the Geneva Conventions and is, by definition, clearly “aggressive war” through implication alone.

    The presence of mercenary troops, “military contractors,” though an issue not considered when the Geneva Conventions were penned, would under any reasonable standard be considered an invading force. From the Webster Dictionary:

    Full Definition of COUP D’ÉTAT: a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics; especially : the violent overthrow or alteration of an existing government by a small group

    Let’s now look at the definition of a “revolution,” according to Webster:

    Full Definition of REVOLUTION

    a : a sudden, radical, or complete change

    b : a fundamental change in political organization; especially : the overthrow or renunciation of one government or ruler and the substitution of another by the governed

    We flunk on the “a” definition as there is no “complete change.” A stalled or failing “or incomplete “change” leads us to an applicable definition under international law that, with that “other definition” also implies mandatory prosecution as well.

    Let’s now look at a definition of “aggressive war.” This is a place we get a lot of “weaseling around.” This is the applicable language from the Geneva Convention:

    “Provision of support to armed bands formed in its territory which have invaded the territory of another State, or refusal, notwithstanding the request of the invaded State, to take, in its own territory, all the measures in its power to deprive those bands of all assistance or protection.”

    This would mean that any support from outside the Ukraine for the Kiev junta from the outset in February 2014 through the present day is support of an “armed band.” That the “armed band” may be a militia or claim to be the Ukrainian Army is not germane. Let’s see if we can get closer to something understandable. We will take a look at the Nuremberg Principles from 1945:

    In 1950, the Nuremberg Tribunal defined Crimes against Peace, in Principle VI, specifically Principle VI(a), submitted to the United Nations General Assembly, as:

    (i) Planning, preparation, initiation or waging of a war of aggression or a war in violation of international treaties, agreements or assurances;

    (ii) Participation in a common plan or conspiracy for the accomplishment of any of the acts mentioned under (i).

    By this standard, if one could establish evidence of a conspiracy beforehand, perhaps on the part of NATO or the United States unilaterally or even Poland, let’s say training camps set up there to prepare for a coup or revolution of invasion, you choose what you wish to call it, any evidence, even one instance, is all that is needed to meet the burden of proof as established at Nuremberg.

    I don’t think anyone would have much difficulty in finding proof for (ii), a “common plan or conspiracy.” This one is pretty much a “slam dunk.”

    From the standpoint of international law, prior to the conventions cited above, the adage of “might makes right” was all that was required. Thus, were one nation able to invade and incorporate another and then successfully defend such acts, there was no redress other than more of the same in converse.

    If anything, the conflict in the Ukraine presents legal challenges because, not only its continuing nature, but that the supposed victors, be they coup plotters or surrogates for NATO aggression, seem to be losing.

    The semantics of psychological warfare are vital if ascribing blame or controlling narrative can influence an outcome. What is certain is this; the “spin” certainly prevents any application of statute or treaty, thus turning the clock back to the era of “might makes right.” Even the most doltish are taking note of this.

    Gordon Duff is a Marine combat veteran of the Vietnam War that has worked on veterans and POW issues for decades and consulted with governments challenged by security issues. He’s a senior editor and chairman of the board of Veterans Today, especially for the online magazine “New Eastern Outlook”.
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  • Defending The Indefensible.

    Here we go.
    The barracking from the cheap seats has begun.

    An article in one of today's #MediaLies newspapers tries to defend social workers.
    The headline "Threatening social workers with jail won't do much for recruitment" sums up the article.

    The #Oxfordshire and #Rotherham scandals were briefly touched upon as was baby P's death in Haringey.
    "Intervention means stress,threats even assault."

    I suggest that we look at the tales of woe from people who have had experience of our social services.
    Our well paid public servants who threaten and bully the very people who ask for their help.

    Social workers. Police. Councils all turned a blind eye to #Abuse.
    Many even profited from it.

    If the threat of jail inhibits recruitment for these so called services - ho hum.
    It is the people already involved in the scandals who should be jailed.

    How can anyone in the 'caring' professions allow #Children to be used in such a way.
    #NameAndShame and bring #CriminalCharges

  • First Ride Of The Year.

    It has been such a nice day today, I wiped the dust and cobwebs off the bike and took her for a thrash.

    It was such good fun I am off to do it again - yahoo.

    Summers coming...

  • Bev.

    An old friend suffered a brain aneurysm last week.

    She has had an operation but still critical.

    May Angels watch over you.

  • Bring Charges Against Those #Complicit In Abuse.


    The very fabric of our society is tearing.
    Abuse Poverty Corruption.

    Social Services, Police, #MediaLies and other 'professionals' covering their own backs #Complicit in their own #Criminality
    Lies and half truths and backhanders and blame and #NotMeGuv

    Worse...'We have failed. We are sorry.'

    Still in their very well paid jobs - living in their nice expensive homes - totally removed from ordinary people.

    They failed us in the past.
    They failed us in the present and they will fail us in the future.

    We should be revolting...

  • #Oxfordshire

    The words spewing from the official reports are -

    I/we are sorry.
    We apologise.
    We had no idea of the scale.
    I/we are humbled.
    Etc Etc Etc.

    They are empty words and mean nothing.

    Social services - a misnomer - need closing down.
    Police need to be sacked as they havent been policing.
    Local government officials need investigating for being #Complicit in #CriminalActivity

    And the people need to take a long, hard look at themselves and begin to rebuild Community.

    Oxfordshire - just the tip of the iceberg.

  • Jihadi John Named - Again.

    Drum roll please.

    #MediaLies are reporting our #SecurityForces have named 'jihadi john' as Mohammed Emwazi.
    Job well would think.

    But less than six months ago our #MediaLies told us 'jihadi john' was Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary.

    This from the hate #Mail - and others.


  • Free Sam Barlow.

    THE mother of an autistic teenager jailed for three years after aiming an air rifle at police has broken her silence to plead for
 his release.

    Ruth Barlow wants her 16-year-old son Sam freed from a young offenders’ institute more than 400 miles from the family’s home on Shetland while his appeal against sentence goes through court.

    His family believe first offender Sam, who has a history of mental health problems, brandished the air rifle while trying to get himself shot by police.

    He had previously been
 tormented by bullies who are still being investigated by police and was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome after the incident on September 23 – in which no one was injured.

    Community nurse Ruth asked for judges to pay more attention to a detailed psychological report which highlighted her son’s extreme vulnerability.

    She is backed by her MSP Tavish Scott and former Labour justice minister Hugh Henry, who both say the sentence is excessive.

    Her campaign has also been
 supported by three mental health charities and more than 1800
people in Shetland.

    Ruth, 43, told the Sunday Mail: “Sam is a child with learning difficulties and
 mental health issues who has
 been pushed too far.

    “He just wants to come home and be with his mum and dad and his brothers and sisters. We are a large family and very close.

    “I have only seen my son once in the flesh since he was arrested six months ago. That was when he appeared in court, and then only for a few minutes.”

    Ruth Barlow ..Mother of Samuel Barlow

    Sam is being held at Polmont Young Offenders Institute near Falkirk. To get there would need a 14-hour trip by ferry to Aberdeen and another 135 miles by road.

    Instead, the family have to make do with going once every six weeks to council offices in Lerwick, where they can speak to Sam on a video link from the prison.

    Sam was diagnosed with
learning difficulties when he was four. He also has dyspraxia – a condition that affects his
 co-ordination – and dyslexia.

    Ruth added: “We spoke to him by video on Wednesday but it
 was only the fourth time since he
went inside last September.

    “It is not how a mother wants to see her son, on a TV screen. He is bearing up, considering – but he should not be in prison.

    “Sam should be outside getting the help that he needs. He has no previous convictions and has never been in trouble with the police.

    “After his arrest, he was remanded in prison and was refused bail. which we are told is very unusual now.

    “There are very serious violent
 criminals out there who have not been treated with the same severity as

    “People with mental health issues
like my son should not be in prison –
 they should be at home getting help.”

    Ruth says her son suffered serious bullying at school for several years.

    More recently, he was targeted
by adults who were trying to take
advantage of him through Facebook.

    Troubled: Sam Barlow carries an air rifle as he approaches police during the incident in Lerwick

    Sam had also become involved in
 an online relationship with a girl,
 which went badly wrong on the
day of the incident.

    Sam blamed himself for this and left his home in Wester Skeld, setting off a chain of events culminating in the armed stand-off with police.

    He took his family’s airgun from
 their home and sailed several miles
 in an inflatable dinghy to Scalloway. Two unarmed officers had to take
 cover when he pointed the gun at them.

    He then hiked six miles across
 country to Lerwick, where he tried to get into houses and threatened two residents with the gun.

    He then repeatedly pointed the weapon at two armed officers but the police did not fire. Instead, they
 persuaded Sam to give himself up.

    Earlier this month at Lerwick Sheriff Court, he was sentenced to three
 years’ detention after admitting
 four charges of assault and one of
 threatening and abusive behaviour.

    Sheriff Philip Mann said he had to
 cage Sam to protect the public – but
 he admitted it was a very difficult
 decision because of his age and
 mental health problems.

    Since his conviction, Sam has penned an open letter to the Shetland islanders apologising for his behaviour.

    He wrote: “Dear Shetland, I am sorry for the alarm I have caused.

    “I was not in a happy or enjoyable
 state of mind due to a long-distance relationship that ended in sorrow and heartbreak.

    “This affected my state of mind on
 the day of the incident.”

    The Daily Record covered the case Campaign: The Daily Record has highlighted Sam’s shocking story

    Ruth said: “Sam suffered bullying
at school but because of his autism,
 he did not realise he was being

    “For the same reasons, he did not mix well with other pupils and that was why he was being picked on.

    “Sam is very interested in all things to so with the sea and spent a lot of time down on the harbour at Scalloway helping local
 fishermen with their mussel lines and doing odd jobs for them.

    “He had also completed a
 two-year seamanship course at the local marine centre.

    “Sam did not hang about street corners but was always helping people and keeping busy.

    “He had passed his National 4 exams and wanted to do his National 5 qualification.

    “Sam is a bright boy but found English and maths hard.

    “We never felt that the Shetland schools did enough to help him with his learning difficulties.”

    The family moved to Shetland from Bury, Lancashire, in 2006. Sam’s dad Paul Barlow, 47, runs a croft and keeps chickens, geese and sheep.

    Sam will not be eligible for release until March 2016 at the earliest. After he is freed, he becomes subject to a supervised release order for one year.

    Paul, 47, added: “We would love it if Sam were set free and back home.

    “We don’t want to see other autistic persons being jailed when there are better alternatives.

    “We think the punishment is too harsh.

    “My son had no intention of
 hurting anybody that day apart from himself.”

    Samuel Barlow points his rifle at police officers Rampage: Sam points his airgun at police

    A government spokesman said: “The independence of Scotland’s judiciary is a fundamental part
of the Scottish legal system
and Scottish Ministers cannot intervene in individual cases.

    “Because of this, it would be inappropriate for the Scottish
 Government to comment on
specific cases.

    “In Scotland, anyone dissatisfied with the outcome of a trial or with the sentence imposed has the right to appeal.

    “It is for the Appeal Court to determine if the conviction or
sentence is inappropriate in all
the circumstances.

    “Again, ministers have no
 powers to intervene.”

    Charities and politicians yesterday backed the
 Barlows’ campaign to get Sam home and questioned the length of his sentence.

    Shetland MSP Tavish Scott, a former leader of the Scottish Lib Dems, said: “Three years certainly looks too much.

    “The family can only hope 
that facts about his mental
well-being will be taken
properly into account by the appeal judges.

    “But my primary concern is about Sam’s well-being and the medical issues he faces.

    “The distance from his home is enormous and in the current system there is no alternative.”

    Labour justice spokesman Hugh Henry added: “While
 sentencing is a matter for the court and not politicians, I’m sure most people would think a 16-year-old boy with autism and mental health issues shouldn’t be locked up in Polmont.

    “What alternatives were
 considered? We need a
 root-and-branch review of alternatives to imprisonment to come up with solutions that the judiciary and public have confidence in.”

    Jenny Paterson, director of
 the National Autistic Society Scotland, said: “Courts need
 to understand the impact of autism on someone’s actions
and to take into account the
support they will need if given a custodial sentence.

    “We support the family’s call to have the sentence reviewed and will be assisting them with their campaign.

    “It is essential that understanding of autism is improved across the criminal justice system.”

    Scottish Autism director Charlene Tait added: “This highlights that there are still far too many instances where individuals like Sam can fall through the system.

    “There continues to be a lack of broad understanding about people who are on the autism spectrum.”

  • If You Love Someone...

    "If you love someone, let them know often, because you might not be able to say it again.

    Also, same thing works for people you hate."


  • These Companies Do Not Pay Minimum Wage.

    The 70 employers, who were thoroughly investigated by HMRC, named today are:

    East Midlands Crossroads - Caring for Carers, Nottingham, neglected to pay £37,592.56 to 184 workers.

    Delcom Systems Ltd, Salisbury neglected to pay £11,731.52 to a worker.

    S Hanns LLP, Chatham neglected to pay £8,448.84 to a worker.

    The Apostolic Church trading as James Kane Nursery, London, neglected to pay £8,347.71 to 2 workers.

    Young Friends Nursery Ltd, Hove, neglected to pay £6,789.71 to a worker.

    Station Garage (Little Weighton) Ltd, Little Weighton neglected to pay £5,440.77 to 2 workers.

    KRCS (Digital Solutions) Ltd, Nottingham, neglected to pay £5,161.85 to 5 workers.

    Mrs Shirley Elvin trading as Seaton Garage & Engineering Co, Hull, neglected to pay £4,840.31 to a worker.

    Pontcanna Hair Studio Ltd, Cardiff, neglected to pay £4,784.34 to a worker.

    Carol Ann Daker trading as Swan Hill House Residential Home, Shropshire, neglected to pay £4,395.78 to 27 workers.

    Hobby Horse Ltd, Plymouth, neglected to pay £4,049.31 to a worker.

    Fylde Coast Pizza Ltd trading as Papa Johns, Blackpool, neglected to pay £3,949.62 to 14 workers.

    Manleys Ltd, Belfast, neglected to pay £3,797.83 to 3 workers.

    J B Howard and Son Ltd, Leyland, neglected to pay £3,469.96 to 7 workers.

    Mr L Tolman & Mr S Blanchard trading as Mardi Gras Hotel, Blackpool, neglected to pay £3,206.76 to 3 workers.

    Stafforce Personnel Ltd, Rotherham, neglected to pay £3,044.79 to 63 workers.

    Best Start Ltd trading as Tiny Treasures Day Care Nursery, Birmingham, neglected to pay £2,928.95 to two workers.

    Maybury Automotive Ltd, Woking, neglected to pay £2,670.88 to 2 workers.

    C&R Tyres Ltd, Kelso, neglected to pay £2,261.60 to 3 workers.

    SSE PLC, Perth neglected to pay £2,233.95 to 5 workers.

    Encore Envelopes Ltd, Washington, neglected to pay £2,060.09 to a worker.

    SmileyWorld Ltd, London, neglected to pay £1,729.00 to a worker.

    Mancroft Ltd, Leeds, neglected to pay £1,172.97 to 3 workers.

    Kevin & Bernadette Farrell trading as Derrygonnelly Autos, Enniskillen, neglected to pay £1,690.35 to a worker.

    Delves Food & Wine Stop Ltd trading as Loco, Walsall, neglected to pay £1,152.48 to a worker.

    Webe (Chelmsford) Ltd, Chelmsford, neglected to pay £1,521.98 to 4 workers.

    Gregson Lane Garage Ltd, Preston, neglected to pay £1,431.57 to 2 workers.

    Ms Julie Ann Wright trading as The Worx, Portadown, neglected to pay £1,110.60 to a worker.

    Mr S Partridge & Ms M Shead trading as Cobblers Fine Sandwiches & Pastries, Wakefield, neglected to pay £1,003.83 to a worker.

    Mr Phillip Campbell & Mrs Lorraine Campbell trading as Supervalu Kells, Ballymena, neglected to pay £905.86 to 2 workers.

    Mr C Pask trading as Pask Hair & Beauty, Derby, neglected to pay £900.00 to 2 workers.

    J&G Salon Ltd trading as Jealousi & Garlands, Tamworth, neglected to pay £881.28 to a worker.

    Faster Fit Tyres Ltd, Scunthorpe, neglected to pay £719.30 to a worker.

    Mrs Karen Aitken trading as Angel Hair Design, Darlington, neglected to pay £703.33 to a worker.

    Clearshot Ltd, Manchester, neglected to pay £684.94 to a worker.

    Everest Express Ltd, Lincoln, neglected to pay £657.03 to a worker.

    Leisure Emporium Ltd trading as Brown’s Cafe Bar & Bistro, Nottingham, neglected to pay £643.86 to a worker.

    Mrs S Walker trading as Alleyways Fish & Chips, Scarborough, neglected to pay £601.59 to a worker.

    Gary & Toni Valentine trading as The Harbour Inn, Seaton, neglected to pay £584.42 to a worker.

    Shreeji Barnsley Ltd trading as Coffee Delight, Buxton, neglected to pay £555.70 to a worker.

    Rowe Sparkes Solicitors Ltd, Southsea, neglected to pay £530.96 to a worker.

    Fish Hairdressing Company Ltd, trading as Fish Hairdressing, Maidstone neglected to pay £521.82 to 3 workers.

    Mrs Deborah Adcock trading as LJ Beauty & Hair, Seaham, neglected to pay £463.60 to a worker.

    D&D Dies Ltd, Nottingham, neglected to pay £446.37 to a worker.

    G Joynson, D Joynson and C Joynson trading as Headquarters, Withernsea, neglected to pay £430.07 to a worker.

    Matchesfashion Ltd, London, neglected to pay £375.61 to 2 workers.

    Colin Saich trading as Lindcoly Kennels, Bury St. Edmunds, neglected to pay £338.41 to 9 workers.

    Inn2inns Ltd, Middlesbrough, neglected to pay £323.10 to 2 workers.

    99p Land Ltd, Swindon, neglected to pay £315.26 to a worker.

    General Tarleton Ltd, Knaresborough, neglected to pay £300.62 to 6 workers.

    Western Computer Group Ltd, Bristol, neglected to pay £287.54 to a worker.

    Matrix Electrical Engineering Ltd, Harlow neglected to pay £286.60 to a worker.

    Honeybees Childcare Ltd, Preston, neglected to pay £276.30 to a worker.

    Mr G J Pearce trading as Sheppards Wood Service Station, Nottingham, neglected to pay £268.56 to a worker.

    The Mirrors Ltd, Manchester, neglected to pay £262.87 to a worker.

    A1 Techsol Ltd, Manchester, neglected to pay £233.47 to a worker.

    Mrs J Cole trading as Rayleigh Retreat, Rayleigh £231.73 to a worker.

    Hamlet Homes Properties Ltd, Westcliff-on-Sea neglected to pay £226.40 to a worker.

    Smartmove Property Specialists Ltd, Aldershot, neglected to pay £206.36 to a worker.

    EYFS Ltd trading as Oak Tree Day Nursery, London, neglected to pay £181.41 to a worker.

    Mr & Mrs P Munn trading as Merry Maids of the Weald, Tonbridge, neglected to pay £169.56 to a worker.

    Mr H Singleton trading as Willowbank Builders, Huddersfield, neglected to pay £163.89 to a worker.

    Professional Referral Services Ltd, Wigan, neglected to pay £156.93 to 2 workers.

    Amtec Computer Corporation Ltd, Ferndown, neglected to pay £149.64 to a worker.

    Lychgate Coffee Ltd, Wolverhampton, neglected to pay £124.39 to a worker.

    Finite International Logistics Ltd, Penarth, neglected to pay £119.92 to a worker.

    Drummonds Ltd, Manchester, neglected to pay £113.58 to a worker.

    Grove Mechanical Services Ltd, Magherafelt, neglected to pay £107.00 to 2 workers.

    Lin Chinese Takeaway Ltd, Stoke-on-Trent, neglected to pay £103.00 to a worker.

    Mr Assad Madani trading as Donapapa Pizza, Durham, neglected to pay £101.64 a worker.

    Shame on them all and the Law which allows it to continue.

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